Desk space to let in Darlaston office £ 175 per month - Hackney  London 

This is a very friendly business has a large desk and filing space to share with another small business or self employed individual. We are never there. We use it for storing our files. It's an open-plan office, wifi connection, roof garden. There's lots of other small creative businesses in the space.

Are you working from home? Or off the kitchen table? Or in a corner somewhere? or trying to work from cafes and spending a small fortune? This space in Dalston is accessible 24,7. We've been there for about 8 years ourselves. We're not going anywhere. We need someone to share the cost with us. Monthly rolling contract. Can move in ASAP as our previous desk sharer (with us about a year) just gave notice as she's gone back into full time employment.

There's a shared kitchen and fridge. Dividers separate the desk so you're not isolated. Dog friendly. The desk in the picture isn't the actual desk, but it's a large desk, with a under the table lockable cabinet and two - three of those white squares are yours to put your stuff. It's convenient, economical, friendly. You get a key card and can come and go as you please 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is a reception and post room downstairs.

I'd take a picture of the actual space but I'm currently up North, I come into London once a week and even then I don't go to the office as I'm just here to see one client, so literally - this desk is all yours. The going rate in this building is £240 per month, so it's a significant cost saving for you.

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Date available: 09 Sep 2019

Added by Sarah