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Property Services / Sales ( Housebuilding/Construction company )

Find verified or non-verified property services in all the UK to help you repair, maintain, secure, market, let, manage or sell your property.

Archway Homes Ltd   Cheshire  
Allison Homes   Lincolnshire  
Anwyl Homes   Flintshire  
Aquinna Homes   Buckinghamshire  
Aspen Woolf   London  
Barratt Homes   Leicestershire  
Hill   Essex  
Cala Homes   Edinburgh  
Cameron Homes   Staffordshire  
Cartwright Homes   Warwickshire  
Catesby Estates   Warwickshire  
Cavanna Homes   Devon  
Charles Church   North Yorkshire
Chevin Homes   Derbyshire 1 1  
Churchill Retirement Living   Hampshire  
Crest Nicholson   Surrey  
Cumbrian Homes   Cumbria  
Cussins   Northumberland  
David Wilson Homes   Leicestershire  
Davidsons Homes   Leicestershire  
Dutchy Homes   West Yorkshire  
Eccleston Homes   Cheshire  
Fairgrove Homes   Derbyshire  
Fairview New Homes   London  
Fruition Properties   London  
Gatsby Property   London  
Generator Group   London  
Harron Homes   West Yorkshire  
Hopkins Homes   Suffolk  
Inland Homes   Buckinghamshire  
Inspired Homes   London  
Jones Homes   Cheshire  
Keepmoat Homes   South Yorkshire  
Kendrick Homes   West Midlands  
Kier Living   Bedfordshire  
Lagan Homes   Oxfordshire  
Larkfleet Homes   Lincolnshire  
Lea Valley Homes   Bedfordshire  
Lioncourt Homes   Worcestershire  
Lovell   Staffordshire  
Macbryde Homes   Denbighshire  
Mandale Homes   County Durham  
McCarthy & Stone   Dorset  
Miller Homes   Edinburgh  
Millgate Homes   Berkshire  
Morris Homes   Cheshire  
Mulberry Homes   Surrey  
Nicholas King Homes   Buckinghamshire  
Noble Homes   West Yorkshire  
Pearce Fine Homes   Devon  
Pentland Homes   Kent  
Persimmon Homes   North Yorkshire  
Rowland Homes   Lancashire  
Sage Housing   London  
Spitfire   Warwickshire  
St Modwen Homes   West Midlands  
Stewart Milne Homes   Aberdeen  
Strata Homes   South Yorkshire  
Taylor Wimpey   Buckinghamshire  
Troy Homes   Essex  
Weston Homes   Essex  
Wonderful Homes   West Midlands  
William Davis   Leicestershire  
MCR Property Group   London  
Arcon Housing Group   Manchester  
Jonathan & Rebecca Edwards Charity Trust   Dorset  
Parklands of Lincoln   Lincolnshire  
Believe Housing   County Durham  
Equity Housing Group   Merseyside  





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