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More than 40% students are living in accommodation with damp and mould


Landlords in the UK are accused of ignoring complaints from thousands of students live in horrid homes infested by rats.

According to a report by the National Union of Students, up to 42% are living in homes with damp and mould on the walls and ceilings. One in five report rats, mice, slugs and other vermin infest their homes.

16% have reported electrical hazards to their landlords, while 9% have concerns about gas safety.

A third claimed the state of their homes made them feel anxious or depressed, 17% say poor living conditions have made existing health problems worse and 12% reported the state of their homes had triggered new health issues.

Many of them said they have complained to landlords about the state of their homes with no response.

Eva Crossan Jory, NUS vice president for welfare, said:

“Students are living in appalling circumstances in some of the worst housing stock in the country. They have been taken advantage of by bad landlords who rely on students not knowing their rights or what to expect when they rent their first home.”