Marks Out Of Tenancy - Rate your tenancy experience and store rental documents


The website, subbed as The Tripadvisor for renters, has launched a new service for tenants to store important rental documents.

Tenants can securely store any tenancy-related images and documents in one place. They can upload images of their rented accommodation as soon they move in and the system records and shows the exact location, dates and times the images were taken.

Tenants can also upload tenancy agreement, Energy Performance Certificate and letters from the landlord.

In case of any dispute everything can be downloaded with a click of a button to show an agent or landlord if there are any disputes.

Ben Yarrow, CEO of Marks Out Of Tenancy , said:

“By helping tenants keep all their information in one place Marks Out Of Tenancy aims to reduce the number of end-of-tenancy disputes, saving tenants, landlords, letting agencies and deposit schemes precious time and money.

“Similar services exist for landlords and letting agents, but now tenants can feel empowered and in control of their tenancies.”

The service is completely free for tenants.