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PropScore - the new property rating service


The new website, PropScore, gives property buyers and landlords a rating and basic analysis of the property and area.

The service provides a home report air quality, flood risk, amenities, crime rates and even insurance risk.

This could help buyers avoid any nasty surprises after buying the property.

You can obtain the report by entering the Uk postcode at the website and get a free rating out of 100.

The co-founder of PropScore, Lorenzo Tejada-Orrell, said:

“We find it crazy that people complete HPI checks (vehicle history checks) prior to purchasing a car, complete a credit check prior to obtaining a credit card, yet complete absolutely no due diligence prior to putting in an offer on potentially one of the biggest purchases of their life, a new house.

“We want to empower home buyers and sellers, so that they are prepared going into the property process and not wasting unnecessary time or money. Thousands of people are starting the property process blind but we are checking for hidden risks at the click of a mouse.”