More than 40% of residential properties have water leaks


Water leaks inside homes are not only responsible for just water, but also large amount of money. 43% of domestic properties suffer water leaks according to HomeServe Labs. With the average of s 20.63ml leak per minute, this amounts to 30 litres of water wastage per day. This amounts to approximately one fifth of the average domestic water usage per person per day.

Using LeakBot, which is a smart water leak alarm, it identifies leaks, alerts customers of problems via a mobile app. It also provides a ‘find and fix’ service where an engineer can be called out to resolve the problem.

Craig Foster, CEO HomeServe Labs said:

“The amount of water being wasted by domestic leaks is significant and concerning with potentially damaging implications for both the consumer and the environment. Small leaks might not seem like much, but they can quickly become big problems. Water damage is not only expensive – average claims for escape of water are around £2,638 - but also damaging to housing infrastructure and the environment. The Head of the Environment Agency recently issued a warning about the need to reduce water usage by 40 litres a day to avoid a catastrophic water shortage within 25 years.