Hypocritical housing associations to be named and shamed

In the upcoming annual event organised by Unite Housing Workers Branch, some housing association executives will be awarded their own " Tarnished Trophies" because of their poor performance as landlords and employers.

They have organised the the picket and awards because the social housing sector has lost its social purpose.

Where once the boards and executives of social housing associations included social housing tenants, and those with backgrounds in the charity and non-profit sectors, they are now recruited from banks, finance houses, hedge funds and large-scale construction companies.

Ian Peters, for instance, the current vice-chair of the Peabody Group (a name once synonymous with good-quality housing for working-class families), spent 30 years working in the financial and energy sectors, and was in the leadership of British Gas and Goldfish Bank.

With such leadership, the focus for housing associations has inevitably turned away from their original social welfare objectives.

Now, they build homes for outright sale and market rent, and well outside the budgets of workers on average salaries.

David Cowans of Places for People received a salary of £528,870 in 2018 — a rise of 9.8 per cent on the previous year, and a percentage uplift denied to the rest of the workforce.

Check the website for more detail, housingworkers.org