Gas Tag - The new gas compliance tool


The aim of the new gas safety technology is to provide greater gas accountability and safety.

The existing system makes it difficult to know if the correct gas safety compliance is being followed, which puts tenants' safety at risk.

Legally landlords are expected to insure that properties are checked once a year. And they must also provide tenants with a current gas safety certificate.

Paul Durose, founder and CEO of Gas Tag, says:

“There’s currently no real recourse when a poor job is carried out because of the lack of technology in the system.

“Currently, if agents and landlords want to categorically make sure engineers are doing a good job, there's not much else they can do other than physically checking themselves. It's finding a solution to this problem which inspired Gas Tag.”

Gas Tag links directly to the Gas Safe Register. First a small tag scanned by engineers to show evidence that work has taken place at a property, an app used by engineers to log their work, and a portal, which provides proof of compliance and an overview of all gas works completed.

Durose added:

“Letting agents can easily showcase to clients that works at their properties have been completed by a Gas Safe engineer to a high-quality standard.

“We’re aiming to remove the worry of managing a paper-based system. Electronically-stored gas safety records are generated inside the portal as the work is completed, providing an audit trail for all parties.”